Don't Call it a Comeback

Or do. I don't care. It's a free country.

Welcome to my newsletter! Again!

Since TinyLetter kicked me off their platform, I’ve taken a bit of a break and have decided to relaunch the newsletter here on Substack.

Substack is a platform for email newsletters similar to TinyLetter, but it’s better designed, the format is easier on the eyes for writers, and you can respond online or via email. I can even charge a subscription for the newsletter but…I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m happy if you just check it out and leave your thoughts.

(Or thots. I’m not picky.)

Like my earlier newsletter, I plan on writing about whatever’s on my mind at the time. I’m really inspired by the blogging spirit of the early aughts, and I want to keep that going in my own writing. Special shout-out to the one and only Melissa Beck; her writing on Patreon is so fucking good that it made me want to get off my ass and start back blogging like I used to in my early days.

To that end, some of the writing here will be NSFW, but most of it is perfectly fine for reading out loud to your boss (if you’re so inclined.) I’ll also keep doing the “Asides” posts, which are just lists where I just dump out whatever’s in my head.

Subscribe now, and new updates will come starting January 2019. See you then. ✌🏾